Cost of Screw Piles

The cost of piling is dependent on the size of the pile, depth, and soil properties. Economies are generated when multiple piles are driven.

Common Types of Scenarios:

  • New house slab
  • Continuous footing added support or uplift
  • Base for free standing light poles, signs etc.
  • Anchoring pins/ soil nails.
  • Retrofitted blade piles to support sinking foundations due to poor soil bearing capacity.

In a domestic house type scenario Ball park you would expect to pay approx  $700/ underpinning pier, when driven in multipies as opposed to about $1000 /concrete pier. Add in Establishment cost on site approx $1000+gst.  Remember you don’t have the issue of having to get rid of spoil which is a cost saver.

If a pier is required for jacking purposes the cost will increase as suitable brackets are required

Pier Design for structure support $500+gst

If certification required by Engineer add $500+gst

Repairs to subsided bedroom due to poor drainage . Concrete piers were used here in place of screw piers as footings would of required extensive chipping back.
  The corner had dropped about 100mm, You can see brickwork adjacent to window sheared.