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What is

Screw Piling

Screw piling is the process of screwing metal piles into the earth to form structural elements to support the loads of building foundations. This type of piling has a lot of advantages over the traditional concrete pile.

Screw Piles Sydney use a Blade type screw pile which is a propriety  system which has a unique set of advantages to the traditional screw pile.

Metal screw piles can be used in conjunction with other materials like wood or concrete to create architectural elements out of the structural capacity of the screw pile

Micro piling is similar to that of conventional piling, in that they can be drilled, driven, screwed, vibrated or a combination thereof. One distinguishing factor of micro piles, is that they are small ( less than 300mm OD) for the  reason of construction convenience, being that they are installed in locations which are often limited by site obstructions and head room restrictions. Micro piles range can be designed for ultimate loads of up to 6000kN, dependent on the loads requirements, depth and soil characteristics. They are a cost effective and efficient piling/ground improvement method.

Screw piles are typically installed using an excavator drilling rig due to low head room, low capital & lower mobilization costs. Reinforcement can be assembled by using multiple standard length sections fastened together in order to achieve the overall depth or capacity required by the design. Micro piles are most favorable in basements operating in areas as low as 2 meters, under bridges, power lines or abutments (to prevent any unnecessary road, rail or power grid shutdowns) and tight access working locations. Sydney Screw Piles can offer a range of grouting options which can increase the structural capacity of the micro pile as per the design requirements. These alternative solutions can range from bracing piles, compaction, jet grouting, rock anchoring or the addition of pile/ grout shoes.

The most important design criteria of the geo-technical industry are the ground conditions/characteristics. Understanding these conditions, Sydney Screw Piles is able to provide the most effective, cost and time efficient solution to achieving the design requirement capacities.

Who we are and what we do


Our Srew Pile Services Provides:

Supply & Install of Screw Blade Piles AS/NZS2159-2009 compliant 

Site Investigations / Reports / Quotations

Engineering Design and Certification of works

Underpinning works

Steel works

Piling /  Micro Piers / Contiguous piers

Grout Injection

Shot crete / Gunite as required

House relevelling /after piering

Concrete Footings

Basements excavation, underpinning, concrete works

Sub- Floor garage construction

Right Advice

If your house is cracking up, sliding down a hill, needing a new upper floor foundation or a basement or just strong foundations for a new house slab you can contact screw piling sydney for a  quote or you can send along your engineering plans for pricing. As there is a lot of information you may choose to ingest read our other subject specific pages addressing your interest.

Works Administration

  • Fixed price lump sump contracts are usual
  • Progress payments according to works complete agreed on
  • Job Time Line is agreed upon
  • Contractor insurances provided. Building licence and Home Owners Warranty Insurance for domestic works.
  • Critical stage Inspections performed to ensure work complies with acceptable tolerances
  • Certification of works is provided if required for Construction Certificate or Bank.

Foundation Repairs

Just as the paint on your house needs redoing after 10 years or so, so too does  your house footings require maintenance. The number of years you can wait before you are forced into rectification repairs is dependent upon the quality of the original footings and the effects of water over the years on your footings subsidence.

A quick way to check is take a look at your external walls and floors to see if there are any cracks developing, and look internally at your cornices for cracks and inspect your doors for ease of closing.

Company Policies

No Drugs
No Accidents
We do what we Say
We aim for the Best Results Possible with Budget Available
We Deliver completed works on Time.


Underpinning Sydney with screw piles.


Crack Repairs


All New Screw Pile Design


Basement Repairs

When Only The Best Will Do

Screw Piles Initial Costs

Phone advice: Free
Quote on engineering drawing provided: Free
Visual Site Inspection and quotation : $100
Site consultation: $300
Site excavation to determine soil types/bearing
capacity and existing footing type and depths
$1000 – $2500
Written reports/ feasibility analysis: $500 –  $1000
Full Engineering Design with drawings: $500 – $3500
Certification of Works $1000 – $2000

Initial Fee’s deductible if works go ahead.
Phone:               0411212211

Works depot:      78 Church Street Appin 2560

House Underpinning Sydney

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Foundation Repairs

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